Some would say that a virtual world is the best place for Duran Duran to give gigs but as someone who has still has a place for 80’s music and bands in his music collection what I came away with from reading that article was that I must visit Second Life, the virtual world that has over 300,000 inhabitants. So I signed up, chose a name – Rob Barbarino at your service, how do you do and downloaded the software. So there I was in a new world and my thoughts were similar to those I have about planet earth. Firstly this is a strange place and secondly what do I do next. So I wondered around, and wondered some more. I did learn how to change my appearance from clothes down to my eyebrows – the level of detail is astonishing and I’m prob going to go back to wonder some more..if I can put up with the graphics jumping in the second life application and resource drain it puts on my mac when I step into this brave new world…more to follow