From a company called Vivo comes a cool adapter that allows amongst other-things PBX connection and connection to dect handsets

  • Make and receive VIVOphone and Skype calls with a phone, instead of earphone and microphone.
  • Connect to a cordless phone to chat long distance for free while you walk around.
  • Call up to 9 people simultaneously and switch around by pressing a phone button.
  • Conference call with up to 5 people.
  • Connect to PBX and allow everyone to make VIVOphone and Skype calls with extension phone.
  • SLIC (subscriber line interface circuit) interface for analog phone connection
  • Support cordless phone set including DECT, 2.4GHz, 900 MHz or others
  • Answer VIVOphone and Skype call by picking up handset same just like using a regular phone.
  • Dial VIVOphone and Skype call through phone keypad directly or VIVOphone users interface