Having been through the original .com insanity and reading recently how the web 2.0 bubble might go pop I always act with caution when any article claims that x is essentially the best thing since slice bread especially when its about a new web technology.

But an article on Mobilecrunch points towards a company/product called Sharpcast who have developed the “ultimate mobilizer of any kind of data”. Available as a beta at the moment and being released with Photos in mind, although it seems they can adapt the solution to other forms of data; Sharpcast have essentially created a “universal synchronization engine” that potentially allows the end user to sync their data with a mobile, a PC or even a Mac instantaneously. So for example, in their current solution if you delete a picture from your phone you delete it from the rest of your machines networked to this application as well. No more endless syncing up!!. Now as the article says if they released this for email…whoo hooo..that would be very very cool…read the original article here and check out the Sharpcast web site.