The Prosumer and TV pro end of the Video camera has seen a revolution over the last few years what with DV Cam, DV Pro and their offshoots. But now the first sub $100k digital film camera look set for a bow on film sets everywhere. The Red One can shoot at 4520 X 2540 pixels at 60 frames per second which equates to 11 megapixels. The makers claim that it equals 35mm. I wonder how much storage that’s going too take…Ok im going to try and work this out very quick;y now based on RAW footage in a DSLR. If you say a 11megapixcel still frame = 4Mb then 60 frames second = 60 x 4Mb = 240Mb per second.. So 1 minute of footage = (240Mb (1Sec) X 60 secs = 14GB a minute approx ????? I’m sure my maths are I’m going to work this put properly and post back later…

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