I have only recently been drawn into Twitter. I just thought it was another status update system as you do in Facebook, and in some ways it is but for some reason, maybe by the calibre of people i have met on it, it seems much more useful, especially with things like blog feeds as updates.

But it has its problems. With no revenue coming in how does it maintain a service, and a lot of the time it doesn’t. When it works its great, I love it, and when it doesn’t, its just damn frustrating..but I’m a new twitterer so I cant really complain..others can though….

Anyway CNET’s Rafe Needleman offers his solution.

“As I write this, Amazon.com, like Twitter, is offline. Amazon’s outage is the big news Friday morning. But what of Twitter?

I used to love Twitter. But the site’s pogo status–it’s up! it’s down! it’s up again!–is driving me away. I’ve removed the Twitter sidebar from the Webware home page, and I’ve stopped religiously updating it. Because I figure its users, and my followers, are learning to not trust it, to not bother visiting the site since it’s likely to be down when they visit. Chances are fewer people are reading my Twitter posts now than a month ago.

Until the Twitter team can get the service working again for good, here’s what they should strongly consider: Close the site. Take it offline. Put plywood over the doors and windows, as it were, with a big “We’re remodeling!” sign on the front. Ask users if they want to be e-mailed when the site reopens for business and don’t send that e-mail until the thing is fixed. Really fixed. Then have a grand reopening party.

If Twitter can’t deliver a reliable experience, I think its best bet is to close until it can. That way, we can all come back to the site at the same time, all together, instead of each of us showing up one by one and finding it deserted.”

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