Cellular-News have an article on Electric Pocket’s release of FindMe, a location based service for Nokia S60 handsets which passes on your location to your Facebook profile.


Electric Pocket has developed a location based service for Nokia S60 based phones which tags locations based on their base station identifier and then passes that information to Facebook automatically. Unlike many location-sharing programs, FindMe doesn’t broadcast geographic location information. Only the names of locations that the user has tagged will be shared on their FaceBook profiles.

FindMe puts the users in complete control of when where and how they share their locations, not only by letting them tag the locations they wish to share, but also by giving them the ability to “Go Dark” when they do not want their location to be broadcast. Further, when users are in a non-tagged area, their Facebook profiles will show their location as “Unknown” or another label selected by the user.

“Social networking sites such as Facebook are removing geographic barriers to keeping friends connected, and FindMe adds a great new dimension by sharing locations among friends when and how they want to be seen,” said Steve Bennett, Electric Pocket’s chief executive officer. “With our innovative approach to tagging cell tower locations rather than using GPS, it opens up this capability to anyone with a smartphone and a free Facebook account.”

The company has applied for a UK patent for its product.

Our View:

Using Cell Information is nothing new and Electric Pocket’s FindMe doesn’t add anything to the mix. As for applying for a UK patent, well thankfully the UK is much more stricter on patents than the US. Remember to have a patent it must do something no other solution does. There is nothing to suggest that FindMe has anything unique, but have a look yourself.