Nokia have launched a new digital and guerilla marketing campaign entitled Nokia Connectors in an attempt to re-engage with the youth market.


NMA explains. The first stage of the campaign focuses on the idea of magic and aims to educate young people about the services available on Nokia handsets.

Two video teasers have been seeded across YouTube and youth-focused sites by Unruly Media. These show street magician Dynamo performing tricks to the public with just a deck of cards and a Nokia handset.

At the end of the videos, Dynamo performs a trick to the viewer, who is then encouraged to visit the Nokia Connectors site to find out if the magician guessed the right card. The site also features information on the tricks, new handsets from the manufacturer and downloads.

The six-month campaign comes as the brand looks to re-engage with a youth demographic.

Nokia marketing director Will Harris said, “There are a lot of new features on our handsets so we want to let young people know about them. These tend to be pretty discerning consumers so we have to make sure the experience is brilliant.”

Nokia has also recruited 200 student ambassadors through a Facebook page. More than 6,000 applied within ten days; those chosen were trained at Bestival in how to perform magic tricks with handsets.

“A technology wave is breaking and these people are the ones who’ll get it first,” said Harris on Nokia’s reasons for targeting the demographic.

Our View:

Er right. There are a lot of features on Nokia handsets, most of them very good but a lot are dependant on the support of an Operator. Data costs are still to high for any student to make real use of any LBS/Social Media intergration for example. As for “a technology wave is breaking and these people are the ones who’ll get it first” – right – actualy that is such a weird statment, what technology wave?! Sounds like PR speak! Have a look at the web site – and the er magic flashes graphics on it. Ouch!