I have to say that for ages I was not overly convinced about the Apple iPad. I had a HP tablet PC, the tc1100 about 6 years ago, whilst I was working in an agency environment and the clients thought it was cool and it worked well for taking notes and demonstrating ideas/presentations and personally I loved the thing. I guess thats why the iPad didn’t grab me, it’s not anything new.

There has also been lots of talk over the past couple of years of someone manufacturing a tablet to come in around or under the £300 bracket. This device would need to be internet enabled (via Wi-Fi/3G/Bluetooth), email, IM/Twitter etc, photo/movie storage/playback and use online services like Google docs for document editing/sharing etc. I think at the £300 mark this would be a killer device but the iPad is considerably more expensive than this and here in the UK we still haven’t got a price or a release date!!. Despite the supposedly high orders I’m still not convinced the iPad is going to change the face of mobile computing in the same way the iPhone did for mobile handsets. But there is one area I can think of where potentially the iPad has a huge market, and thats for the musician/composer/engineer.

There are already a number of apps for the iPhone from remote control of DAW software like Logic to songwriting apps and porting these to the iPad makes total sense. But the iPad wont only be suitable for tech musicians either.

forScore from MGS Development aims to bring to the iPad the ultimate sheet music solution for the modern musician. forScore is a PDF reader for sheet music on steroids. It comes pre loaded with scores from 18 world-renowed composers so forScore say, although it doesn’t yet say who they are. Unless forScore have done a deal on copyright with a music publisher I guess they are scores in the public domain. They also offer the ability to open your own scores if they are in PDF format. There are also a number of other extremely useful features included like the ability to make notes on each page of a score which all get saved.

forScore have also included a visual and audio metronome. I think is a very cool idea and especially if the pages can turn in time or maybe through add on hardware with a footswitch. I can see a whole raft of composers, musicians and orchestrators who forScore would be a must have app for the iPad, the question is are apps like this enough to make you want to buy the iPad. With the ability to do everything from mix, compose, edit and even gig the iPad could be the ultimate music accessory. Now I want one!

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