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For those of you who don’t have a spare £500 quid or so for a decent coffee machine, and love their coffee but think instant is awful well this may be the answer.

The Aeropress Coffee and Espreso Maker according to those folks over at Better Living Through Design makes “a better than average cup of coffee with less acidity and no bitterness”. According to Aerobie, the makers of the Aeropress Coffee and Espreso Maker it works like this. “Water and grounds are mixed together for ten seconds, then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter for 20 seconds” which “culminates in an exceptionally smooth flavour”. Yikes!! The price for this awesomeness? Well pick it up here at Thinkgeek for $25.99 or if you are in the UK at Amazon for a mere £19.99!

Ok, this is the Holy Grail for some. This took me ages to work out what the problem was but finally i have got my iBook, OSX and the BT Home Hub 2.0 (the new black shiny one) working.

Now I had tried everything and I cant be assed to go back and try everything here are a couple of things you might need to do..BUT first

go into the advanced settings on the Home Hub and make sure that in the wireless settings the network is only running 802.11 b/g NOT b/g/n. Changing this let me connect.

I also had been trying the std fix for wireless, putting the $ sign in front of the password..I cant remember if I had to so this or not in the final solution.

I also put mine on Channel 12 but I don’t think that made the difference.

I can literally switch the network to 802.11 b/g/n and my iBook won’t connect..switch to b/g and its off!!!!.

UPDATE: Just to add I’m running macs on both 10.6.4 and !0.5.8 with no problems now..although saying that, I’m moving my broadband and phone to Plusnet..BT charges and level of service are just terrible. When I was thinking of leaving them we got offered 4 different broadband/phone packages. Each time we said we would call back in a couple of days and every time we did the package offered didn’t exist. Even spoke to a supervisor and they said the sales person we spoke too the day before to was lying, BT didn’t offer such a package and then he offered us a different package. Surprise surprise when we called back two days later after mulling it over this package didn’t exist either!!!!! BT sales people in my experience just continually speak lies and act like con artists. Would never go back to them again. But the BT hub 2 (the black one) is running fine on Plusnet.

The Kitchen Sphere

Sci-fi kitchens, you gotta love them. In fact, they are even better
when they actually exist in the real world, like this super slick
bubble kitchen from Italian designers, Sheer.

The Kitchen Sphere is a real eye-catcher, there’s no doubt.
Just press a button and the top half raises to reveal everything you
need to cook up a storm. Underneath, it’s a marvel of design and
engineering. Built from carbon fibre and steel, it houses an extractor
(in the hood), built-in double sink by DuPont, three infrared ceramic
cooking hobs and a fourth one that uses a removable (genuine) lava

Gizmodo UK : December 05, 2006

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Surely the coolest radiator for your home ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gizmodo UK : Gizmodo – The Gadget Blog

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Expect to see more and more players in this market.  An interesting looking unit this.  No idea of costs but Aspalis SAS and Navicom – a joint partnership are hoping to hit both the home and hospitality markets.  Protocols included KNK/EIB and Z-Wave Protocols.  More from the link below.


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Engadget  are reporting the that “Crossfire” is the first mass market tochscreen desltop PC. Based around a AMD Turon 64 X2 Dual core TL-52 processor this is ne connected machine. Ports include Ethernet, two FireWire, six USB 2.0, one with HP printer power Y-cable
connector, 5.1 + digital audio out, IR out, mini-VGA, and inputs: FM
coax, TV coax, ATSC, and two S-Video.

It also features some new widget-like dashboard interface, featuring HP
new SmartCalendar, which serves as a central point for virtual fridge
notes and shared family calendars; as well as Photosmart Touch, a new
image editing and printing interface. More from Engadget above.

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is a home automation systems that allows you to control your home from your mobile – it does the usual heating, lighting plus remote cctv cameras, smoke detectors etc etc. Prices start about £3000 according to Red Ferret – more from them on the link

Via The Red Ferret Journal

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A new member for the Optimus family, the very cool Upravlator is has 12 transparent buttons, built on top of a 10.8 Inch, 800 x 600 LCD screen. Each button has 4 contact points – left, right, top and bottom plus the press function of ok on each button. This device has so many uses – home automation, video editing and of course sound. I want one!!

Via Engadget

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That’s what Stephen Reed’s new ceramic cup delivers.  Inspired by a computer heat sink the raised ridges insulate your fingers from the hot beverage by air.  I don’t think its available for consumer purchase yet but hopefully somebody can pick it up and get it manufactured as I’m sure there’s quite a market for this.

Via CrunchGear

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What really interests me about the range of products from monster is the way it uses Bluetooth and Z-Wave as communication protocols and its use of Linux should make this one of the most customisable home media devices on the market when it appears next march.  More from Engadget, link below.

Monster’s Linux-based network media and automation devices – Engadget

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