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I have to say that for ages I was not overly convinced about the Apple iPad. I had a HP tablet PC, the tc1100 about 6 years ago, whilst I was working in an agency environment and the clients thought it was cool and it worked well for taking notes and demonstrating ideas/presentations and personally I loved the thing. I guess thats why the iPad didn’t grab me, it’s not anything new.

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Saw this video over on CNET earlier so did a little further digging over on the ThickButtons web site where there is a much better video explaining what ThickButtons is about.

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Nokia N97 Sketches

Nokia N97 Sketch

Nokia N97 Sketch

Sketches of the Nokia N97

Nokia have launched a new digital and guerilla marketing campaign entitled Nokia Connectors in an attempt to re-engage with the youth market.


NMA explains. The first stage of the campaign focuses on the idea of magic and aims to educate young people about the services available on Nokia handsets. Continue reading

Cellular-News have an article on Electric Pocket’s release of FindMe, a location based service for Nokia S60 handsets which passes on your location to your Facebook profile.


Electric Pocket has developed a location based service for Nokia S60 based phones which tags locations based on their base station identifier and then passes that information to Facebook automatically. Continue reading


Steve Jobs has confirmed that Apple have the ability to remotely terminate applications in your iPhone. CNET et all have reported Jobs words which originally appeared in an interview he gave with The Wall Street Journal.

“Mr. Jobs confirmed such a capability exists, but argued that Apple needs it in case it inadvertently allows a malicious program — one that stole users’ personal data, for example — to be distributed to
iPhones through the App Store. “Hopefully we never have to pull that lever, but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull.”

Our View:

There seems to be so many Apple apologists in the blogosphere. I wonder if their reaction would be the same if Nokia announced that it’s phones all dialled back into Nokia to tell them what applications you were running. I expect their would be outcry and rightly so and dont let us fool ourselves that this is an attempt to make your iPhone safe from Trojans/viruses. Any half decent code would be so buried in the OS that this wouldn’t see it. I wonder if this is a way of tracking jailbroken phones and then could Apple stop them from connecting to any mobile network, probably not, but it’s a thought!

Sources: CNET / Wall Street Journal

Has anyone noticed this before? A section in the refurbished mac section has a tab for refurbished iphone..I wonder if this is where a lot of the 2G ones will end up.

Just before you rush out to order your 3G iPhone, anyone serious about email on the go should check out the image of the new BlackBerry Thunder circulating the web. I know the iPhone is going to have MS Exchange compatibility, but it still doesn’t have a qwerty keyboard.

Anyway check out the image below


Source: The Boy Genius strikes again…

HTC has officially thrown the cover off its Touch Pro today — the QWERTY slider sibling of the recently-unveiled Touch Diamond — which should cover the bases for those who loved the Diamond’s keen looks but decided they’d go our of their gourds without a full set of physical keys at their disposal. Under that glossy black shell lies WiFi, HSPA with a solid 7.2Mbps on the downstream, Bluetooth, 2.8-inch VGA display, Windows Mobile 6.1 featuring HTC’s TouchFLO 3D interface, a 3.2 megapixel camera, a half gig of ROM, and 288MB of RAM. It’s not going to win any “world’s thinnest” records with an 18.05mm waistline, but those five rows of textual healing don’t come without a price. The first batch of devices will be Europe-bound in “late summer” with 900 / 2100MHz 3G alongside the quadband GSM and EDGE; North and Latin American versions are promised for later in the year.

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Well as a devlopment tool I have built a simple mobile site for Creativegeek. So you can point your mobile browswer to

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The mobile site just takes an RSS feed so it has exaclty the same news/stories. Love to hear any feedback.  Cheers CG