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IDTI, a Taiwanese company have announced at CeBit 2010 a 21.5″ full HD-Video capable touchscreen display that comes with HDMI/D-Sub and support for Microsoft Windows 7. The Incell Touch 215P spec includes resolution of 1920×1080/Multi Touch (2 Points)/Contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a response time of 5ms. The most amazing thing is the price though..$300!!!

You can watch a video of the screen in action over on You Tube.

Source: Akihabaranews


If you ever need storage on the go for your iPhone, iPad, Camera or any device with Wi-Fi then the AirStash™ from Wearable Inc is a must have gadget!

From the AirStash™ site:

“AirStash stores your movies, music, photos, and documents and wirelessly shares them with your phone, media player, netbook, tablet, computer, and more. Use AirStash like a USB flash drive to drag & drop the files you want to your SD card while charging the built-in lithium polymer battery, then unplug & play on all of your browser-enabled WiFi devices*.

All you need to do is insert a SD card (bought separately), which can be upto 32GB in size and there you have it a portable wireless storage server on the go! You can even stream video and music apparently. The cost? A mere $99. UNFORTUNATELY it’s US/Canada ONLY. Come on Wearable Inc sort it out!

Source: Digital Photography Review

Nikon D40

Leaked specs and a shot of the new Nikon D40. 6 Megapixel, 3 point focusing but no auto focus motor or status LCD suggests, along with the model number an entry level DSLR.  Np prices iv’e seen as yet.

Via Engadget

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Check out Nikon’s Lens Pen Cleaning solution.  One end wipes dust away while the other polishes out smudge marks.  Not sure if its available in the UK but it retails for $8 in the US/

Nikon Lens Pen Cleaning System | Uncrate

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In the same breath of me shouting about a 10-megapixel camera phone I read on Gizmodo that Fuji’s, Nixon D80 and Canon Rebel Xti challenger will only be 6-megapixel.  Have Fuji gone mad you ask?  Well according to the guys over at DP review they don’t think so.  Instead of continuing the ive got more megapixels than you war they have decided in split the sensors – different sensors for different light. Perhaps soon all camera’s will be made this way?

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What!! a 10-megapixel camera phone!  and it has 3x optical zoom..finally you might be able to leave your small digital camera at home.  Only in Korea at the mo and a little unreasonable $900!!!!

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Gizmodo do a quick roundup of reviews comparing the 400D, D80 and A100.

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Epsom P-5000/P-2500 Photo Bank

Epson has just released 2 new photo banks. The highest spec model. the P-5000 has a 4″ display with a resolution of 640×480 and an 80GB hard disk. It will take CF/SD/SDHC and supports Mpeg 1/2/4, DivX. H.264 WMV and Motion Jpeg videos. No idea of costs but I would guess £450-£500. More over at Akihabaranews via Crunchgear

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Photobot is a Windows XP/2000 application that automatically enhances your photos as soon as the it detects new photos on your hard drive.  Tribecca, the manufacturers claim it will reduce red eye, enhance colours and brighten dark images.  At the the moment the app is free because its still in Beta but Tribecca also offer a facility to back up your photos for $5 a month.  More from Engadget.

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You need to add a 2.5 inch hard drive to this but for $49 you get a USB 2.0 device with an OLED Colour display that can be powered via batteries, perfect for photographers on the go. Supported memory cards include:

  • Secure Digital sard (SD)
  • MultiMedia card (MMC)
  • Mini SD card (without adapter)
  • Memory Stick
  • Memory Stick Pro
  • Memory Stick Duo
  • Compact Flash card Type I/II
  • MicroDrive
  • More spec from USBgeek

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