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Fujitsu are releasing the FP (Fine Picture) code which is an invisible barcode that can be directly embedded into colour print photographs.  After the end user had downloaded special software to their mobile they can take a picture which is then sent to a server where it is decoded into a URL Data which then is used to connect the end users mobile to the correspondong website. Comming to Japan this October apparently. Via Pinktentacle

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Well if you’re one who likes to stand out in a crowd then a new technology from Philips may be right up your street. Lumalive is a technology that integrates LED’s directly into the material. More over at Crunchgear.

Ok I was wrong!

I’ve been known to be wrong in the past and it seems a news article on The Register proves I was wrong again!. When the Wooshman told me of his idea of using Google Maps as a way to give local business a web presence and to drive customers into the store using vouchers I did think no, no ones going to do that. But according to the article thats exactly what Google Maps in association with Valpak are offing any business who buy space on Adwords – Google’s advertising product. Mind-you I still think its bad idea….unless of-course you can port it to mobiles and then the stores would need..ooh I don’t know say a Bluetooth node in-store for redemption. Don’t know of any of those do we lads?

An idea that is good a part from the implementation me thinks, now if only they could download to mobiles eh boys. Fuel for Travel lets consumers buy and download content to various MP3 and digital players. They sell travel guides, audio books, music, tv shows and movies. Developed by a dutch multimedia content provider, Taipa and Samsung Electronics.

Polo Ralph Lauren offers literal window shopping via Endgadget. Some may know of the sometimes quite frankly absurd techie ideas me and Woosh come up with. Its always fairly frustrating though when a concept we had discussed gets put into motion by someone else!