Picked this story up on one of my favourite mobile sites, the superb All About Symbian. Apparently Nokia are running a campaign on their site Nokia Conversations site to let the public have their voice on what they would like to see on future phones. I really have to ask though, do the public really know what they want OR even know what makes a good product? I’m not having a go at Nokia here, this is apparently “just a bit of fun” but it seems everyone from Musicians to blue chip companies are asking YOU..what do you want? Frankly I can’t think of anything MORE STUPID. THe public have NO idea. So stop asking them, lead and they will follow. We have become a society of people/companies who hedge their bets. Better not make a decision so let the public decide, then they can blame the public when it flops, and they don’t have to stand up and justify why. The public have NO IDEA!. No product or invention HAS ever come from the public. As always lead and they will follow, just ask Apple.