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UPDATE: After the developer, Ingleforge talked to an App Store manager the app was resubmitted minus a couple of added features that Apple said was contravening it’s rules and the updated app is finally in the store and available for free download!!

I recently reviewed an app for the iPhone called Wurlit Apps 3D, built by a developer I know based in Cambridge, UK. Wurlit Apps 3D is a 3d front end for the Apple Apps store that allows you to see preview screens, read views and search the app store from a funky and slick 3D front end. In the newest version you can also send a link to an app to a friend which I personally think is a great idea and adds the core part of social networking for me, personal recommendation. But unfortunately this version is not allowed in the App store according to the developers, Ingleforge. It has been rejected for breaching the App Store rules even though this is not the only app to do this, although it is the only one in 3D and that the original version is still in the store! The developer is quite stunned and so am I. Does Apple’s App store submission process actually follow any logical path? Or is it, as it seems to be more and more every day, an arbitrary process? Read the developers woes here.

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Wurlit™ Apps 3d is a free application released today in the Apple app store, you can get it here. It is the first 3d browsing front end available for the the Apple app store. Using a patent-pending 3d engine Wurlit offers the end user “the top 25 free and paid apps in each category in glorious 3D, with seamless transitions between categories.” Designed to make shopping for apps fun the end user can quickly move around. “Simply flick the screen to spin the app cloud” and “tap on an app icon to zoom in”

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Saw this video over on CNET earlier so did a little further digging over on the ThickButtons web site where there is a much better video explaining what ThickButtons is about.

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Nokia have announced the release of Nokia iSync Plugins 1.1. Phones supported include E50, E60, E61i, E62, E63, E65, E70, N76, N93i, N95.

Good to see Nokia, stop being so PC centric.

Download here

Cellular-News have an article on Electric Pocket’s release of FindMe, a location based service for Nokia S60 handsets which passes on your location to your Facebook profile.


Electric Pocket has developed a location based service for Nokia S60 based phones which tags locations based on their base station identifier and then passes that information to Facebook automatically. Continue reading


Steve Jobs has confirmed that Apple have the ability to remotely terminate applications in your iPhone. CNET et all have reported Jobs words which originally appeared in an interview he gave with The Wall Street Journal.

“Mr. Jobs confirmed such a capability exists, but argued that Apple needs it in case it inadvertently allows a malicious program — one that stole users’ personal data, for example — to be distributed to
iPhones through the App Store. “Hopefully we never have to pull that lever, but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull.”

Our View:

There seems to be so many Apple apologists in the blogosphere. I wonder if their reaction would be the same if Nokia announced that it’s phones all dialled back into Nokia to tell them what applications you were running. I expect their would be outcry and rightly so and dont let us fool ourselves that this is an attempt to make your iPhone safe from Trojans/viruses. Any half decent code would be so buried in the OS that this wouldn’t see it. I wonder if this is a way of tracking jailbroken phones and then could Apple stop them from connecting to any mobile network, probably not, but it’s a thought!

Sources: CNET / Wall Street Journal

I have only recently been drawn into Twitter. I just thought it was another status update system as you do in Facebook, and in some ways it is but for some reason, maybe by the calibre of people i have met on it, it seems much more useful, especially with things like blog feeds as updates.

But it has its problems. With no revenue coming in how does it maintain a service, and a lot of the time it doesn’t. When it works its great, I love it, and when it doesn’t, its just damn frustrating..but I’m a new twitterer so I cant really complain..others can though…. Continue reading


For us MAC kids out there, VLC is an essential media player at our disposal. When Quicktime cant play it. I have found that 8 out of 10 times VLC can so it seems like good news that Zodttd is bringing its popular VLC media player to the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

At the moment, VLC for iPhone/iPod Touch allows selected testers to playback MPEG/MPG, AVI and MP3 files, and the software author wowed to bring the support for FLAC and OGG formats ‘soon.’ In addition, he’s researching how to include VCD, DivX, WMA and WMV formats in the mix. The end result could be the ultimate media player for iPhone/iPod Touch.

VLC for iPhone/iPod Touch is currently in private beta, but a public release is planned soon. Naturally, jailbroken iPhone will be required, but that, as we know, is not a problem.

Source: Intomobile

iToner enables you to quickly transfer custom ringtones for your iPhone – without modifying, hacking or having to reset your iPhone. Simply drag and drop your MP3 or AAC audio files on iToner’s window, click the Sync button, and you’re done! Even better, your ringtones will continue to work with future iPhone OS updates. $15. More info/buy go here.