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IDTI, a Taiwanese company have announced at CeBit 2010 a 21.5″ full HD-Video capable touchscreen display that comes with HDMI/D-Sub and support for Microsoft Windows 7. The Incell Touch 215P spec includes resolution of 1920×1080/Multi Touch (2 Points)/Contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a response time of 5ms. The most amazing thing is the price though..$300!!!

You can watch a video of the screen in action over on You Tube.

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If you ever need storage on the go for your iPhone, iPad, Camera or any device with Wi-Fi then the AirStash™ from Wearable Inc is a must have gadget!

From the AirStash™ site:

“AirStash stores your movies, music, photos, and documents and wirelessly shares them with your phone, media player, netbook, tablet, computer, and more. Use AirStash like a USB flash drive to drag & drop the files you want to your SD card while charging the built-in lithium polymer battery, then unplug & play on all of your browser-enabled WiFi devices*.

All you need to do is insert a SD card (bought separately), which can be upto 32GB in size and there you have it a portable wireless storage server on the go! You can even stream video and music apparently. The cost? A mere $99. UNFORTUNATELY it’s US/Canada ONLY. Come on Wearable Inc sort it out!

Source: Digital Photography Review

Todd Bishop has a very interesting article on comments made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview with the Washington Post yesterday. In short, he said on the future of print media, that they’ll be dead in a decade. Continue reading

0abookfashiote.jpgPublished by Springer, Source Excerpt:
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Fashionable Technology
The Intersection of Design,
Fashion, Science, and Technology

by Sabine Seymour

interplay of electronic textiles and wearable technology, wearable’s for
short, and fashion, design and science is a highly promising and
topical subject. Offered here is a compact survey of the theory
involved and an explanation of the role technology plays in a fabric or
article of clothing. The practical application is explained in detail
and numerous illustrations serve as clarification. Over 50 well-known
designers, research institutes, companies and artists, among them
Philips, Burton, MIT Media Lab, XS Labs, New York University, Hussein
Chalayan, Cute Circuit or International Fashion Machines are introduced
by means of their latest, often still unpublished, project, and a
survey of their work to date. Given for the first time is a list of all
the relevant information on research institutes, materials,
publications etc. A must for all those wishing to know everything about
fashionable technology.

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Microsoft Office RoundTable

Well its about time we saw some devices like this, we really need to see better ways of holding group meetings with others. The Microsoft Office RoundTable work’s in conjunction with Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Live Meeting. Participants can apparently share virtual presentations, share whiteboards and transfer files. The camera produces “a 360 degree, panoramic video of side-by-side images of everyone taking part in the conference“. Like it!! Costs about $3000

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Founders of You Tube

Apparently the founders of You Tube put up a little video on You Tube to thank all of the users for their support, and prob a little thanks for the $1.6 billion…yes billion pound cheque they have in their left pocket, after all without support sites like these are meaningless…I wonder if they asked to be paid in fiver’s or perhaps 1p cola bottles… :p

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Fascinating article on the R & D going on at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering – the folks who developed the MP3 – on a way to control the GUI of your computer with your eye.

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The Red Ferret is raving about mojopac.  Its a service/software solution that you install on any portable device but I guess USB Flash drive would be best but after instaltion you basically have your whole XP desktop on the USB dongle for you to take around with you..this really is Hot Desking in action.

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As ever Techcrunch come up with an excellent article on RSS.  For all of you interested in this web 2.0 technology read the article here

Personally I’m not entirely convinced about RSS.  Great on mobile devices but on desktops/laptops, well personally its a technology that doesn’t work for me. 

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Solar Boat – Sun21

I’ve seen a lot of info on solar boats recently and cam across this web site telling the story of the development of SUN21 – a 14 meter catamaran solar powered boat that is setting out to cross the Atlantic and aiming to create the first motorised crossing that doesn’t use gasoline. Great idea and I hope they do some kind of live tracking from their web site to follow. More over at Transalantic21

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