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Small Wonder Videocam

Wow, where have i been? Tese are sooooo cool! This little bundle of gadgetry is a mini camcorder. The one above is the Traveler, a splash proof device with a 2.4-inch color LCD screen designed for high-visibility outdoor use (320×240-resolution). With a 2GB SD card you can record one hour of near-DVD-quality recording time and up to 4 hours using the Web Sharing mode; expandable to up to 16 hours with 8GB SD card (not included). Price an amazing $149.99!!!!!

The Small Wonder Pocket (EZ205) (pic below) has a 1.5-inch flip-out LCD screen for self-recording; offers improved low-light recording. A 1GB microSD card provides 30 minutes of recording time in near-DVD-quality mode or two hours in Web Sharing mode; expandable to 16 hours with 8GB microSD card (not included). All for a staggering $99.99 These shoot AVI but there is also a MAC version, although not these models…but AVI should be fine.

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I’m back……

Well, it has been a long time since I was here, but I thought it was time to refresh and reawaken Creativegeeks after an 18 month hiatus. It will be covering exactly the kind of cool gadget products, services and designs I did before and that inspire me, make me whisper the word cool or that I just love. Hopefully, you will find things here you like to. R

Threshold’s One-Net


has a piece on One-Net a home automation technology developed by Threshold. Apparently offers a 100 meter range even indoors. Threshold say they can produce One-Net Nodes for 2 to 3 bucks. They offer the software free and it will work with other transceivers from six other vendors. Read more at Engadegt.

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The WidgetStation

Just the start of a plethora of devices like this me thinks….designed for the bedroom, kitchen, office or wherever.  The WidgetStation has dual screens (as u can see!!) and can show SS feeds, weather, stocks etc etcUnfortunately no wifi – so no try guys but no cigar.


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Want to warm up your digital audio collection? Then this might help.  Producing 15watts per speaker its never going to kick that party beat but check out the review and see for yourself. CrunchGear

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is reporting that Hon Hai, a Taiwanese manufacturer has let slip that their are manufacturing 12 million mobile handsets for Apple that can play music with an expected release date of mid 2007.

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This sounds cool..a so called live CD of an OS that is essentially a media center which runs direct from the CD drive without installation…Read an interview with the developers on the link below.

GeeXboX main menu
SlashGear Exclusive – Interview with GeeXboX – SlashGear

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The American Elections

You got to be kidding right?????? I love technology, but who would use an electronic voting unit without a paper trail… the very least its stupid…at the extreme its rigged.  Make you own mind up.

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If you have a mobile phone, GPS – (either built in or as an extra unit) and want to monitor you exercise activity then SportsDO via Crunchgear might be the solution for you. The Java based app tells you how far you have run, calories burnt, how fast you ran and how long it took. You get a free download limited to 1k but then you have to buy the app. I couldn’t see how much it cost on their web site but this looks like an interesting way to monitor your exercise levels.

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Has this happened to you?

its certainly happened to me…spooky via Reuters

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