Wow, where have i been? Tese are sooooo cool! This little bundle of gadgetry is a mini camcorder. The one above is the Traveler, a splash proof device with a 2.4-inch color LCD screen designed for high-visibility outdoor use (320×240-resolution). With a 2GB SD card you can record one hour of near-DVD-quality recording time and up to 4 hours using the Web Sharing mode; expandable to up to 16 hours with 8GB SD card (not included). Price an amazing $149.99!!!!!

The Small Wonder Pocket (EZ205) (pic below) has a 1.5-inch flip-out LCD screen for self-recording; offers improved low-light recording. A 1GB microSD card provides 30 minutes of recording time in near-DVD-quality mode or two hours in Web Sharing mode; expandable to 16 hours with 8GB microSD card (not included). All for a staggering $99.99 These shoot AVI but there is also a MAC version, although not these models…but AVI should be fine.

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