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Ok, this is the Holy Grail for some. This took me ages to work out what the problem was but finally i have got my iBook, OSX and the BT Home Hub 2.0 (the new black shiny one) working.

Now I had tried everything and I cant be assed to go back and try everything here are a couple of things you might need to do..BUT first

go into the advanced settings on the Home Hub and make sure that in the wireless settings the network is only running 802.11 b/g NOT b/g/n. Changing this let me connect.

I also had been trying the std fix for wireless, putting the $ sign in front of the password..I cant remember if I had to so this or not in the final solution.

I also put mine on Channel 12 but I don’t think that made the difference.

I can literally switch the network to 802.11 b/g/n and my iBook won’t connect..switch to b/g and its off!!!!.

UPDATE: Just to add I’m running macs on both 10.6.4 and !0.5.8 with no problems now..although saying that, I’m moving my broadband and phone to Plusnet..BT charges and level of service are just terrible. When I was thinking of leaving them we got offered 4 different broadband/phone packages. Each time we said we would call back in a couple of days and every time we did the package offered didn’t exist. Even spoke to a supervisor and they said the sales person we spoke too the day before to was lying, BT didn’t offer such a package and then he offered us a different package. Surprise surprise when we called back two days later after mulling it over this package didn’t exist either!!!!! BT sales people in my experience just continually speak lies and act like con artists. Would never go back to them again. But the BT hub 2 (the black one) is running fine on Plusnet.

Todd Bishop has a very interesting article on comments made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview with the Washington Post yesterday. In short, he said on the future of print media, that they’ll be dead in a decade. Continue reading

Apple are cool

Well they were, until Steve rolled out John Legend or whaever his real name is out on stage to play a couple of tunes..PC’s Rock!

Sports Buddies

Well as someone who is having trouble keeping motivated when running I thought what i needed was a running partner.  After trawling round the web where I found little helpful I came up with the idea of a nationwide web site where the end user posts by geographical location and then by activity for a sport buddy.  Perhaps there could also be a level of competence for that particular event so people can see the ability of the other.  Like all social web sites it depends on how many people use it but personally as someone in the same predicament it would be incredibly useful!

What im listening to!