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I found this by accident the other day. If you have multiple tabs open in Firefox 3.6 in OS X 10.6/10.5 and they go off the page you can scroll through them with a mouse. Just hover the pointer over the tabs, scroll the mouse wheel and off you go! Just call me slow to the party…..


I have only recently been drawn into Twitter. I just thought it was another status update system as you do in Facebook, and in some ways it is but for some reason, maybe by the calibre of people i have met on it, it seems much more useful, especially with things like blog feeds as updates.

But it has its problems. With no revenue coming in how does it maintain a service, and a lot of the time it doesn’t. When it works its great, I love it, and when it doesn’t, its just damn frustrating..but I’m a new twitterer so I cant really complain..others can though…. Continue reading

FoneLink | Comprehensive cell phone management for Mac OS X
Nova Media have announced an update to FoneLink, the missing link between your mobile and OSX.
FoneLink 2.0 offers the following features:

Transfer of files and media data to and from your mac and your phone
Synchronisation of contacts, dates, notes and bookmarks with built in support of Apple’s sync (Address Book, Entourage, others)

FoneLink includes a full fledged SMS text manager to send, receive and archive SMS text messages. It supports group SMS as well as multipart SMS and is linked to Address Book.

Using FoneLink, you can copy music files, photos and videos and convert them for best viewing on your cell phone as well as synchronize iTunes playlists and create ringtones.

Using FoneLink, you can backup the cell phones data and restore single files or a complete backup, if needed.

Available here for 10.4.9 and higher AND 10.5.2 and higher €33.57